Hard Biscuit Production Line
Hard Biscuit Production Line
Hard biscuit production line may be combined freely according to the condition of customers workshop space and require-ment of biscuit technology.these all can reach the ideal purpose.

No Name Of The Production No Name Of The Production
1 Overlapping Machinery 2 Tow-Roll Cut Machine
3 Rotary Moulder 4 Gathering Remnant-Material By Side Machine
5 Transition Machine 6 Separating Machine
7 Spreed And Gather The Salt And Sugar Machine 8 Eggs Sprayer
9 Enter Stove Machine 10 Stove-Net Sending Machine
11 Oven 12 Stove-Net Inputting Machine
13 Out Stove Machine 14 Spray Oil Machinery
15 Refrigerating And Sending Machine 16 Sorting Machine
17 Packing Console    

This equipment is used together vertical kneading dough machine.
When it works push thebucket stirrer of the vertical kneading dough machine
to the pouring machine,then startup the machine to pour the dough from the
bucket stirrer.It is betterused pouring from second floor to first floor.
Mail Technical Parameter

Pouring dough: 500KGS
Power: 2.2KW
Size : 900×1808×1000(mm)
Weight: about 1.4T


The dough must be rolled to proper size before forming hard biscuits by forming machine.



Speed Capacity Size of mould Speed Capacity Size of mould
5-20m/min 560g(type) 1000g(type) Ø140-160mm 5-20m/min 560g(type) 1000g(type) Ø205mm
600kg/h 1000kg/h 600kg/h 1000kg/h

Forming machine is an important equipment of biscuit production line and
adopts ministry standard(JB4414-88). The machine combine roll-print and roll-cut and can be put into stove base, sesame and sugar spread machine.
The function is advanced and perfect. The roll-print forming can produce tough biscuits while the roll-cut forming can produce crisp biscuits. We have developed double-color and multi-color forming machine. So we can produce different grades of multi-color biscuits and the machine has the advantage of flexibility, low noise and high efficiency. it's suitable to produce a great variety of biscuits.


The function of machine is spreading the grains of salt, sugar and sesame evenly on the surface of biscuit, which increase it's characteristics and flavor. There's facility to take back the remain material in the machine. It's an indispensable equipment to increase biscuits kinds.

Spray liquid of egg,it can improve the biscuit's taste and odour.It make the seasame,unt,almond can paste more firm.

The oven is the important in biscuits production and adopt JB4415-88 ministry standard.The over with high technology and high efficiency is the first condition to reduce cost of production.
The infrared ray electric ovenis mail composed of infrared ray heating parts(including infrared radiation implement or quartz pine), oven conveyer device, moisture discharging and electic control system.
Main characteristics:
1)high efficiency and energy saving:the radiation is concentrated and the rate is over 95%. The resuit of power saving is over 35% and it has long service life. The even radiation energy of quartz pipe can reach 30% of power saving effect and it needs small investment.
2)the design of oven is special and heat preservation performance can surpass state standard.
3)adopt silicon controlled rectifier voltage and control the oven temperature automatically.

Main Reference Data :
parameter/type 560(type) 1000(type) unit
lenght of oven 30~50 40~70 m
install total power 250~400 400~700 kw
usual power 150~250 200-400 kw
power of eact heater 1/2.5 1.5/2.5 kw
speed of oven belt 0~25 m/min
highest temperature inside oven 400 oC
temperature outside oven ≤40
largest production 600 1000 Kg/h

The equiprent is used as transition from OVEN to SPRAYER OIL MACHINE

Mail Technical Parameter :
Feeding length : 1110mm
Speed : 5~20m/min(Adjustable)
Dimensions : 4100×3000×2010mm
Total weight : 1200kg
Power : 0.55kw


The machine adopts most advanced centrifugal device in the world.The centrifugal wheel revolves so fast that the oil on the wheel gain very great centrifugal force and atomized oil biscuit.The eight group of oil-spray device can regulate the volume and temperature of oil automatically and freely.This machine have the characteristics of low noise,energy saving,fine design,easy operstion and health.
The color,fragance and flavor of biscuits are greatly improved after oil spray So it's absolutely necessary equipment for biscuit upgrading.
Main technical parameter:
Total power:5kw
Working voltage:220v 50Hz
When spray oil:1-5kg/min

This machine can sorting the biscuit. it make sorting, withdrow, pile carry convenient.

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