Leisure Inflating Food
Leisure Inflating Food

1. Mixer
2. Double-screw extruder
3. Core filler
4. Multi -function shaper
5. Large hoister
6. Three - Layer roasting oven
7. Flavoring line

Technical Parameter

Power 3kw
Speed 365RPM
Throughput 20kg per loading (5 minutes per loading)
Dimension 1000*500*800mm

This equipment can mix floury, grainy material; it’s the first step of food processing. It use "? shape mixing method, drive by a electromotor, mainly using for mixing raw material, water and addictives. Raw material mixed fast and evenly.


These series o roasting oven are widely used, it is used for drying all kinds of stick,piece,grain etc.Shape inflating snack food,the user can choose different types of dryer according to layer,length or energy.
The whole machine is compact design,logical and easy operation.
Driving system adopts double pitch roller chain driving,circulating drying,and balanced running,never jam.
Drying temperature and time can be adjusted,effect of drying is capitally.
With high efficiency fuel saving system,reasonable heat distribution,material be heated equally,low energy but large output.

Technical Parameter

Model Electric(oil) Consumption Maximum temperature Throughput Dimension
SXK3-D Three Layer Oven 27.5KW/H 220°C 180-300KG/H 5.0x1.2x1.7M
SXK3-Y Three Layer Oven 7L/H 220°C 180-300KG/H 5.0x1.5x2.0M
SXK5-D Five Layer Oven 35.7KW/H 220°C 180-300KG/H 5.0x1.2x1.7M
SXK5-Y Five Layer Oven 8L/H 220°C 200-400KG/H 5.0x1.5x2.0M
SXK5-III Five Layer Circulating Oven 7L/H 220°C 300-400KG/Once 5.0x1.2x2.0M
SXK3-YI Three Layer Oven 8L/H 220°C 400-600KG/H 8.2x1.6x1.8M
SXK-D Low Temperature Oven(Electrical) 15KW/H 90°C 100-150KG/Once 2.0x2.0x0.8M
SXK-Y Low Temperature Oven(Oil Buming) 7L/H 90°C 100-150KG/Once 2.8x2.0x0.8M



Main features:
1 Materials will be in the roller automatically through elevator.
2 There is a flavoring quantity control device on the roller, make sure flavor spread evenly on snacks.
3 Rotary roller adopts complete molding, no dead angle inside.
4 Oil spray nozzle can adjust the oil amount, spraying equally.

Technical Parameter

  single roller double roller eight square roller
Throughput 150—200KG/H 180—250KG/H 150—200KG/H
Power 0.37KW 0.74KW 0.37KW
Dimension 2.1x0.7x1.6M 3.6x0.9x1.7M 1.4x1.1x1.6M
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