Micro Roasting
Micro Roasting

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Refining the diversity of exquisite tastes

Is it a coincidence that the most fascinating beverages and foods of this world are of completely natural origin? Particularly coffee develops an incredible variety of aromas that are influenced by plant species, growing location and prevailing climatic conditions. Systematic refining of this natural diversity is PROBAT's goal.

Specialty Coffee Roasters

Individually crafted, traditionally designed and industry proven. We offer the best solution for your Coffee Roastery


Practical accessories substantially ease operations. Moreover, they are not only functional but also appealing in terms of design and?contribute to a perfect overall appeanrance of your shop roastery.

  • Display bins
  • Shop Grinders
  • Semi automatic Control
  • Destoner
  • Exhaust air treatment

Coffee & Roaster Training
Our customers are our partners. We want you to succeed and can provide you with extensive knowledge about green coffee, coffee roasting and preparation. Our Training Programs are designed to give you practical knowledge, hands-on experience and an overall understanding of a diverse natural product.

With a new generation of shop roasters PROBAT has succeeded in linking state-of-the-art technology with a classic design. The well established PROBATONE drum roasters were enhanced with the knowledge of experienced roastmasters. Professional coffee roasting from the perspective of a specialty coffee roaster was the underlying focus of all innovations.

The new models of the shop roaster family are designed for three different batch sizes: beginning with the Probatone 5 with a five kilo batch, the Probatone 12 with 12 kilos per batch and the Probatone 25 for 25 kilos.  


Batch size

Typical roasting time

Type of heating


0,8-1,2 kg

12-18 minutes



3-5 kg

12-18 minutes



5-12 kg

12-18 minutes



20-25 kg

12-18 minutes



35-50 kg

12-18 minutes



The PROBAT table roaster of the PROBATino series offers your customers a freshly roasted coffee to individual blends and a very special shopping adventure.

This roaster, built in classical design exhibits the following technical specifications:

  • A non-perforated roasting cylinder with a special paddle mixer assures an optimal blending and excellent roasting result
  • The roasting process can be easily controlled at all times through a sight flap, sampling spoon and thermometer
  • A cooler with fan quickly cools the coffee down to the requested temperature
  • Saving of energy
  • Effective chaff separation

* not appropriate for the industrial application

The essential advantages of the PROBATONE at a glance

  • High-quality bean appearance due to homogenous mixing of the coffee with special shovel mechanism
  • Homogeneous roasting of the coffee bean with specific product-air ratio of PROBAT
  • Quick, gentle cooling of the roasting product by a large cooling sieve and uniform mixing with food-safe plastic scrapers
  • Classic, nostalgic design by many components made of high-quality cast iron
  • Reduced cycle time by simultaneous roasting and cooling with separate suction for cooling and roasting exhaust air
  • Efficient drive concept by separate motors for drum drive, cooling sieve stirring arm as well as roaster and cooler fan
  • Great flexibility during the roasting by continuously adjustable gas regulation Safe heating by proven burner technology
  • Simplified cleaning by removable lateral walls
  • Separate roasting cyclone for an effective chaff aspiration
  • Clear operation with digital time and temperature display
  • Emergency discharge in case of power outage using supplied crank. Adapter?makes possible the use of a cordless screwdriver
  • Optional (PROBATONE 5 / PROBATONE 12): PC-based control system with visualisation of product temperature curve and recipe memory


With a capacity of about 200 kg/hour, based on green coffee, this roaster is designed for large shops and small-scale roasting plants.

The PROBATONE 50 in a classic design has the following specification:

  • A non-perforated roasting drum with special shovel mechanism ensures optimal mixing and excellent roasting results
  • A sight glass, sampler and thermometer are provided to enable the roasting process to be monitored at any time
  • A cooler with a large, easily accessible and removable cooling sieve as well as a separate drive, fan and agitator quickly cools the coffee to the required temperature to lock in the aroma
  • Effective chaff separation using a free-standing cyclone
  • Operating side: Left
  • Digital product temperature display
  • Standard: Semi-automatic control, where roasting takes place automatically up to emptying and the start of cooling

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