Food & Beverage
Food & Beverage

Aotomatic Cup Filling Machine
The machine is suitable to the filling and sealing of the containers of plastic cup and bowl by filling liquid or cream material, such as jelly, fruit juice, milk ice cream, fruit jam mineral water, etc. The machine is full automatic processing of cup-feeding
Bottling Filling
The machine is mainly applied for the filling of beverage. Integrating with washing, filling and sealing, it has temperature control device for heat filling and realizes full automation in the whole process, suitable for polyester bottle and plastic bottle filling of juice and tea.
Gallon Filling Machine

Our Special Vertical Packaging Machinery.
Label Sleeving Machine
Sleeve labeling machine, hot melt labeling machine, case packer, PE shrink film machine is famous in the market for its high quality, reasonable price and high stability. We have advanced process equipment CNC. Our machine is more advanced than others no matter the capacity or the precision.
Minibloc Bottling Machine
Our machinery is mainly manu factured for two concrete sectors, liquids bottling and packaging, for the following industries: pharmacy, cosmetics, cleaning products, chemical products, food industry and canning. .
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