Automatic Feeding Pckg
Our automatic packing lines can be applicable to the foodstuff such as Cookies, Waffles, French bread, Snack Crisp pastries, Candies, Chocolates, Cereal biscuits (Bars) etc. It can also be applicable to roll paper and bar-shape paper. .
Horizontal Packaging
Roasting Systems Develop packaging machines satisfying customers needs is our eternal pursuit. We try to create the most beautiful package for your products through specialized and humanized services, and hope to help you reduce production cost and increase work efficiency.
Vertical Packaging

Our Special Vertical Packaging Machinery.
Automtc Weigher Pckg
Our automatic weighing packaging completes the whole procedure of metering. feeding, bagging,date printing, counting automatically, carrying out the equipment of production automation and improving the product efficiency in food, medicine,commodity industry, etc .
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